Ancient Wisdom Meets
Modern Technology

Think of your energy as an invisible compass.
It tells you where you are now and heading toward. 
When your energy is ‘off’, it can affect everything.
How do you know what’s really going on within yourself?


Aura: Your Energy Field

An Aura surrounds you with vibrant colours that flow like an energy field. The Aura reflects your vibes, moods, emotions, and even personalities. It is usually a combination of colours, but one colour is more dominant.

It reveals who you are without the need for words. Think of it this way-your Aura speaks way before you do.

What colour is your Aura?

Do you know what your Aura looks like?


Chakra: Your Energy Centre

Chakras are considered the spinning vortex in your energy body. They distribute the flow of energy throughout the body.

Various life events and emotions impact the energy flow in you. When Chakras are out of balance, you block vital energy flow.


Simply put, there is a Chakra for every problem and opportunity you face.

How do you know if your energy centres are out of balance or blocked?


You know what? No matter where you go, the longest journey you take is the one within. It is the
journey into yourself.

In this, you are either an explorer, or you’re not. Which one are you? If you’re an
explorer, how’s your self-discovery journey coming along?

You could feel lost and alone without the
right tools and have no like-minded soul at your side. But what would you say if I told you that you have
the three tools you need already with you?


Your Map

Each Chakra corresponds to a specific location, function, and meaning. They represent certain beliefs around needs and wants in your Self-Discovery Journey.

As a result, you can find the root cause of the imbalance of your Chakras and gain a unique insight into whatever problems you’re facing.

In other words, the Chakra system work as a map for your Self-Discovery Journey.


Your Compass

How do you know when you’re going the right way?

How do you know when you’re doing the right thing to achieve happiness, success, love, or emotional freedom? Your current energy status is your compass.

In other words, your Aura and Chakras point out what’s going on within you. They always let you know where you are now and how to head toward your mental, emotional, and spiritual North.


Your Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody helped you with your journey?

MY AURA CHAKRA helps your journey by decoding your Aura and Chakras using applied technology. Lauren guides you through your energy status with a vividly bright, bold image.

Having the clarity you seek, a new perspective will be found when something is holding you back.

About Me

about image

After experiencing the highs and lows of going into business with a family member, I reached a significant turning point in my life. During this dark time, I began to question existence alongside exploring the deepest parts of human nature. It was through the pain that my purpose was emergent because light and dark always exist side by side.


All the answers have always been within. I have experienced my essense and my life purpose to embrace. Now, I can see and appreciate my past journey as a catalyst for the creation of MY AURA CHAKRA.  I’m here to help you discover your light and own the essence that makes you most unique.


In addition, being part of a multi-racial and multilingual family further informed my appreciation and respect for others of different backgrounds. I have lived in Korea, the US, Canada, the UK, and now Singapore which uncovered the importance of cultural nuances in my session.

Discovery Session

Your truth matters.

Now is your time if you want to steer your path in a new direction.
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Are you open to a new perspective?


Private Session

Identify the status of your Aura and Chakras in this 1:1 personalised session. It will empower you to move forward with clarity and confidence in leading a purposeful and grounded life.


Insights into yourself

Become more informed about your inner workings and uncover the clarity and confidence you’ve been searching for.


Self-explanatory report

Your Aura and Chakra session comes complete with an in-depth report for you to refer back to as you continue to grow.

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